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Master Zhu Xiang Qian in Pula, Istria, Croatia

Wushu Club Yuan Tong - Tai Chi Pula
in cooperation with
Croatian Tiancai Taijiquan Institute 
is organizing in Pula 

from 15-17 June 2018


Teacher: Master Zhu Xiang Qian, son of the Great Master Zhu Tiancai 

Program:Friday, 15.6. from 18-21 hrs - Chansigong and form 13 
Saturday, 16.6 from 9.30-12.30 / 15-18 h - Laojia Yilu
 Saturday, 16.6. at 7 pm - Official opening of the Croatian Taincai Taijiquan Institute
 Sunday, 17.6. from 9.30-12.30 - Laojia Yilu
 Sunday, 17.6. from 15-18 - Tuishou

Contact:  taichipula@gmail.com, +385 (0) 99 710 3195, yuantong-taichipula.blogspot.com, www.taichipula.com 

Master Zhu Xiang Qian 

Master Zhu Xiang Qian (朱 向前) is one of the world's best Chen Style Taiji martial arts instructors 
and has the privilege of being born in the Village of Chenjiagou in Henan Province, China (中国 河南省 温县 陈家沟) as the second son of the Great Master Zhu Tiancai (朱 天才).  

The Zhu family is one of the main bearers of Chinese martial arts with more than 500 years of tradition dating back to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). GM Zhu Tiancai's  mother belongs to the Chen family who is the source of Taijiquan in the world and GM Zhu Tiancai is trained by his cousins ​​and guardians of the original Taijiquan tradition. 
Great Master Zhu Tiancai is one of four Chinese tigers or Jingangs, the gold devarajas or "guardians" (四大 金刚) of the traditional Chen Taijiquan and, by the Chinese government, selected ambassadors of Taijiquan in the world.

Master Zhu Xiang Qian has received instructions of Taiji from his father since the age of five and was formally trained in Taiji in Chenjiagou Taiji School since the ninth year of age. After more than 20 years of training, Master Zhu Xiang Qian became the official Chen Taiji master of the 20th generation and one of China's leading Taijiquan instructors. During his youth he won numerous medals, and in 1991 he was the main instructor of Taijiquan in the Henan province and has trained thousands of students from England, Korea, Japan and various Southeast Asian countries. In 1996 he was officially awarded the title of the leading Taiji master and advisor to Chen Stil Taijiquan and over the years he traveled to Seoul, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore to enthusiastically teach Taijiquan. 

Master Zhu Xiang Qian is currently living in Singapore and where hi teaches Taijiquan to the Singapore community

The representative of the Zhu family and the President of the Croatian Tiancai Taijiquan Institute is M ° David Petrović.

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